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Replacing Your Parts at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales

Why Should You Replace Parts? Regular maintenance for your vehicle is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. But some parts – no…


Top Fuel Efficient Cars

If you’re looking for a fuel efficient car that comes with stellar gas mileage, look no further than Dann’s Discount Auto Sales, conveniently located at…

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Financing 101 at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales

What is Financing? At Dann’s Discount Auto Sales, your local Visalia, CA dealership, you can get the money you need for your vehicle right here….

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Local Destinations for a Summer Road Trip

Here at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales, we know that summer is the best time to hop in the car and go for a drive. If…

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Tips For Boosting Your Car’s Trade-In Value

Buyers looking to trade in an old vehicle for something new are always a little wary they aren’t getting the money their car is worth….

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National Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month, a time to do something nice for your car.  With nature springing back to life all around us, your…


The Best Driver-Assist Cars

With only the most advanced technology used, these great vehicles have some of the best driver-assist features yet.  No matter what you’re looking for in…

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Top Tips to Keep That Car Looking Brand New

It can be hard to keep your vehicle looking new and shiny throughout the years, especially if you have a busy schedule like most.  However,…