You never know when you might need to buy a car. Unfortunately, situations can arise where you need to purchase a used car in Visalia, CA but just don’t have the money available.  Places like Dann’s Discount Auto Sales offer financing, so you don’t need all of the money upfront to drive a car off the lot.  In fact, there are even some benefits to choosing financing.

No Money Upfront

One of the biggest advantages is not needing thousands of dollars upfront.  In most cases, you only have to offer up a very small amount or no money at all.  This is very beneficial to most car buyers, since very few people have that amount of money saved up.  Financing allows a customer to have access to a vehicle when they need it without having to save up all of the money ahead of time.

Build Up Credit

One of the best benefits to financing a car, or any purchase, is it is good toward your credit.  This is a great way to build up good credit if you don’t have any credit or currently have bad credit.  Even if you already have good credit, a financed purchase is another way to stay on top of your credit and maintain a good score. If you ever want to make a large purchase in the future, like a home, having a history of good credit is very important.

Advantages Over Leasing

For those that don’t have the cash lying around to buy a car outright, the only other option besides financing is leasing.  While leasing is always a viable option, financing has advantages over leasing.  Financing means you make payments towards a vehicle that you will eventually own, while leasing is more of a rental until another option comes along.  Leasing can be good for specific purposes, but it not typically a long-term option.

Do you have any questions for our Visalia, CA used car dealers? Stop by one of our used car dealerships today, and we’ll be happy to assist you with financing for your next used car, truck, minivan or SUV!