Summer is just around the corner, and that means time to drive with the windows down and radio on.  But much like winter preparation, you should get your car ready for the warmer weather.  Follow these three steps for a steadfast summer of safe driving.

  1. Air Conditioning.  This feature is often needed when driving in the summer heat.  To make sure your air conditioner is cool and ready to go, inspect the cooling system for worn or damaged belts.  These belts are what pump cold air into the car.  You should also check your coolant levels, as your car’s cooling system needs extra attention in the summer.  Without coolant, the car’s engine can overheat and sustain damaged.  If you need a car with air conditioning, many  Visalia, CA used car dealerships, like Dann’s Discount Auto Sales, have all the best options available.
  2. Check Brakes.  In the summer you will see more wet weather conditions including storms and flooding.  Wet brakes can be less responsive and less safe.  First, figure out if your car is disk or drum brakes.  Then, figure out the average lifespan of your brakes.  A good resource is always your owner’s manual.  If you still have questions about your brakes, dealerships like Dann’s Discount Auto Sales can always help.
  3. Summer Tires.  Many people change their tires before winter weather conditions.  These tires tend to have deeper tread and better traction.  You should also change your tires again in the summer.  Tires for warm weather are better designed to grip warm pavement.  With winter tires you will get less traction and your brakes will be less effective.

Preparing your car for warmer weather can be quick and simple, and it helps maintain the lifespan of your vehicle.  Enjoy safe summer driving by following these three simple steps to weatherizing your vehicle.