It can be hard to keep your vehicle looking new and shiny throughout the years, especially if you have a busy schedule like most.  However, keeping your car in top shape doesn’t have to be difficult or even time-consuming.  These simple tips will have your car looking in top shape in no time:

  1. Use Wax to Protect Paint.  Most new vehicles come with a clear coat of paint right from the factory, designed to keep the new paint job protected and looking its best.  However, that clear coat eventually wears off, leaving your paint exposed to the elements.  This is where wax comes in.  Wax only needs to be applied every few months, and it absorbs any stains and small scratches before it can get to your paint.  A good rule of thumb is to wax your car once per season or four times a year.
  2. Clean the Carpets.  Upholstery and floor mats tend to get overlooked when you want to keep your car looking new.  Yet these tend to be the areas with the most dirt and wear.  If you have an air compressor, use it to get dirt and dust out of small corners and cracks in the interior.  Blow any dirt onto the carpets, which can easily be swept up.  To really get the dust out of carpets, stiff brushes work great to loosen up any dirt.
  3. Clean the Ducts.  Do you love that new car smell?  Oftentimes, dirt and dust accumulate in the heating and air conditioning duct work, which can cause your car to smell musty.  Using a small, portable air compressor, aim the air at the walls of the ducts, behind the vent grills.  If your car has a cabin air filter, this can also be changed or cleaned out.

Keeping your car in that new car condition could take as much time as a weekend afternoon.  If you think your car needs professional work, our knowledgeable staff at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales in California can help you determine your next course of action. Stop by our used car dealership in Visalia, CA with any questions you have!