With only the most advanced technology used, these great vehicles have some of the best driver-assist features yet.  No matter what you’re looking for in a vehicle, you will find that ones equipped with driver-assist systems are designed with the safety of you and your family in mind.  If you’re searching for the best cars with driver-assist, check out these top picks.  If you’re ready to stop in and take a test drive, just come down to Dann’s Discount Auto Sales.

Ford Fusion:  If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s considered safe and reliable, there’s no better answer than the Ford Fusion.  This vehicle has only the most up-to-date technology when it comes to safety, including several driver-assist features.  Features, some of which are additional, include automatic high beams, lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, and more.  To top it off, this vehicle is also very stylish and comfortable, coming with a array of different engine options.

Honda Accord:  The Honda Accord is known for being roomy enough that you get ample leg space, but small enough so you can easily maneuver when on the road.  Not to mention it’s notoriety for safety and reliability.  This vehicle has only gotten easier to handle with advanced technology included to assist drivers.  Some packages have lane-keeping assist, forward collision warning, automatic braking, and more.

Volkswagen Jetta:  While older models were known for their valuable packages and reliability, the newer Volkswagen Jetta models are accompanied by some of the best safety technology in the industry.  Just about every feature is available, from adaptive cruise control to a blind spot monitoring system.  No matter where you need to go or who you’re with, this is a vehicle that will keep you safe along the way.

With new technology constantly emerging, vehicle manufacturers are trying their best to incorporate only the latest technology in their safety features. These three vehicles are considered best in class when it comes to safety, paired with only the best in driver-assist technology.  Take a ride in one of these great cars today.