April is National Car Care Month, a time to do something nice for your car.  With nature springing back to life all around us, your car can easily spring back to life as well.  Wash away the dust and salt of winter and give your car some tender loving care.  If you’re looking to try something entirely new, Dann’s Discount Auto Sales in Visalia, CA, can find the right vehicle for you.  If you want to put some life back into a car you already own, start with these three tips:

Clean the inside and outside of your car.  You’ll be surprised how much dirt can accumulate during the winter months when you’re less likely to clean your car, so now is the perfect time to clean off the grime on the outside of your car with a basic wash.  Don’t forget to clean the undercarriage of the car as well, where salt from roads can accumulate and cause rust.

Change the oil.  Your car deserves a change of fresh oil, even if your last oil change was just 5,000 miles ago.  Clean oil helps your car run smoother, as well as keep the exhaust cleaner.  Unclean oil often causes sludge to build up over time, which can cause parts in the engine to degrade faster.  If oil is never changed, the engine will eventually break down completely.  A simple oil change can easily improve the lifespan of your vehicle.

Check tire pressure.  Pressure changes occur when the outside temperature changes.  Because of this, you may find that your car isn’t driving as smooth as usual.  Many drivers forget about changing pressure, therefore don’t think to check for low tire pressure.  Bad tire pressure can actually lead to lower gas mileage, poor braking, flat tires, and more.  Most gas stations have public air pumps with built-in pressure gauges where you can check your tires.

These great tips are the perfect way to celebrate National Car Care Month.  If you’re ready to check out our cars for sale, come on down to Dann’s Discount Auto Sales for a test drive!