When you shop at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales for pre-owned sedans or used minivans near Hanford, CA, you’ll have the opportunity to test drive a multitude of different makes and models. Moreover, you’ll encounter several different transmissions types, some of which you might like more than others. But variety is the spice of life, and our used car dealership in Visalia, CA is all about choice.

In our selection of pre-owned models, you might find a continuously variable transmission (CVT). This gearbox has grown in popularity over the last several years, mainly due to its positive influence on fuel economy and energy conservation. Unlike most transmissions, a CVT relies on a belt-and-pulley system instead of traditional gears. This setup leads to a number of possible gear ratios, which in turn ensures that the car is always moving at the ideal, most efficient speed.

Many of our used vehicles near Tulare, CA come with six-speed automatic transmissions, among them the Ford Expedition full-size SUV. An automatic transmission relies on a computer, not the driver’s right hand, to shift the car’s gears. The computer chooses the appropriate gear based on the car’s speed, the engine speed, and whether any special drive modes or driver assistance technologies are active.

Of course, a lot of drivers still love a tried-and-true manual transmission. Fans of the manual gearbox swear it provides the most genuine driving experience, and if you set your navigation to “used car dealer near me”, you’ll find a good selection of manual-equipped vehicles at our dealership. Manual gearboxes offer several advantages, including better fuel economy, engine braking, ruggedness, and inexpensive maintenance/repair.

Visit us today, test drive your favorite pre-owned models, and decide which transmission best suits your driving style!