Dann’s Discount Auto Sales, your reliable partner for some of the best used cars for sale in Visalia, CA, offers comprehensive service and repairs to vehicles of every shape and size in addition to its vast inventory.

Over the course of ownership, a lot of car owners will need to repair or replace something on their vehicle. But while things like brake and timing belt replacement could require a fairly significant investment of time and money, minor dings and dents are things that our team can take care of quickly and cost effectively. Examples include:

Wheel repair: One of the most common forms of wheel damage is “curb rash” – a general term denoting scrapes, scratches, and gouges that your wheels will likely incur over time.

Rearview mirror/side-view mirror damage: If either the glass or housing of your side mirror(s) is cracked, scratched, or dented, it’s an easy fix for our service techs. Plus, we use only top-quality replacement parts. If your rearview mirror has become detached or there’s a problem with the glass, we’ll take care of it.

Exterior chips, dings, and dents: Unfortunately, these instances are common to occur at least once during a vehicle’s lifetime – whether it’s chipped paint from a rock, a ding in your hood caused by hail, or a small dent in your door caused by another driver in a parking lot. All of these minor issues can be easily rectified by our team, whether the solution is repainting a panel, touching up a rock chip, or removing a ding.

Interior/exterior molding: Similar to the category above, any dents, scratches, etc. in your interior/exterior molding can be addressed by our team via repair or replacement.

Our fast, inexpensive service expertise is one reason why we’re one of the most respected Visalia, CA used car dealerships! Schedule an appointment today!