Nowadays, gas stations offer at least three fuel choices (regular, plus, premium), along with diesel. Some stations even offer as many as five options, with mid-range and upper-end choices slotting in after regular and plus. When confronted with so many fuel options, it’s natural of course to wonder and want to understand which fuel is best for your car.

The number on each pump handle at your local service station represents that particular gas’s octane rating. The higher the number, the better the gas is at protecting against engine knocking and pinging—it’s also more often than not the most expensive option at the pump. A higher octane fuel also offers slightly better fuel economy than a lower octane choice.

87-octane gasoline, which is “regular”, is recommended for most cars, but regardless of whether you’re piloting a new SUV or one of Dann’s top-quality used cars near Hanford, CA, we recommend you check your owner’s manual to see if it says anything about requiring a higher octane level. Reason being that certain performance vehicles and other luxury automobiles with advanced engines need plus or premium gasoline in order to perform their best.

Worth noting is the fact that pairing a higher-octane fuel with a “standard” engine will not translate into improved performance and/or fuel efficiency. There’s no benefit to spending an extra 30 cents per gallon because your car will perform just fine with regular gas.

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