In 2016, U.S. auto sales set a new record high, marking the pinnacle of a steady upward climb over the previous seven years. And with so many new automobiles being purchased at dealerships nationwide, the market for pre-owned cars has never been bigger. Why should you buy a pre-owned vehicle at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales? Here are three reasons we think you’ll appreciate.

Quality: Just as the nation’s quantity of pre-owned automobiles has reached unprecedented heights, so too has these vehicles’ overall quality. Car manufacturing is light years ahead of where it was 20 and even 10 years ago, which means you can expect exceptional durability, reliability, and performance. Today’s warranties are also fantastic. The bottom line is that automakers want their customers to feel good about a pre-owned purchase.

Transparency: Gone are the days when working with a used car dealer serving Tulare, CA meant varying degrees of uncertainty and distrust on the part of the consumer. Nowadays, virtually every pre-owned vehicle comes with a CARFAX report that thoroughly summarizes a pre-owned car’s condition, ownership record, accident history, repairs, and the like.

Budget: Cost is arguably the biggest reason why more and more people gravitate toward pre-owned vehicles. Not only can you stretch your dollar further when you pass up a new truck for one of our used trucks near Hanford, CA, you’ll also avoid the “black hole” of depreciation, which can cause cars to lose up to 40 percent of their value in the first year of ownership alone.

Selection: With such a large inventory of pre-owned cars currently available, it’s quite likely you’ll find a vehicle that has the exact color scheme, options, and engine you’re looking for, and all at a lower price than if you’d bought new.

Have more questions about whether buying pre-owned is the option for you? Visit our showroom to see what’s available and to talk with our friendly and knowledgeable team.