Planning a skiing road trip during the holidays or a visit to friends/relatives in a wintry state? Just like the helpful folks at AAA, Dann’s Discount Auto Sales has some tips on how to stay safe and have an enjoyable journey to and from your destination.

Tip #1: Visit our Local Pre-Owned Car Dealership Before Departing

Before you leave for any lengthy road trip where there’s ice and snow involved, it’s a good idea to visit us before heading out. Our experienced service team will conduct a thorough vehicle inspection to ensure everything is in top shape and operating as it needs to be: brakes, lights, heater/defroster, etc. Of particular importance is your battery, which we’ll test, charge, and replace if necessary. The last thing you want on a cold, snowy night is a dead battery.

Tip #2: Consider Purchasing Winter-Friendly Parts

Whether you’re driving one of our quality pre-owned luxury cars or used minivans near Visalia, CA, we’ll talk with you about snow tires and winter wiper blades. Snow tires are specially designed to be more durable and provide better traction in winter conditions, and they’re a wise investment — especially if your vehicle isn’t equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) or four-wheel drive (4WD). Similarly, winter wiper blades are thicker, stronger, and better able to keep your windshield clear of slush, snow, dirt, and ice.

Tip #3: Pack a Winter Emergency Kit

Though none of our cars for sale near Hanford, CA come with a winter emergency kit, this is something you can easily assemble and store in your trunk. We recommend including a blanket, extra hat/gloves, lock deicer, extra wiper fluid and antifreeze, a flashlight, jumper cables, and a jack.

Preparation is key, so contact your local pre-owned car dealership today to prepare for driving in wintry conditions this holiday season!