There are two critical steps to a long, happy experience with your car battery. Step one is to shop around for the best battery around. One of several useful resources is CarAudioNow’s article covering the five best car batteries to buy in 2018.

Step two is practicing sound battery maintenance, and that’s where Dann’s Discount Auto Sales comes in. Our used car dealers serving Hanford, CA, and Tulare, CA, have three important battery maintenance tips vital to getting the most out of this indispensable component.

Tip 1 – Clean battery, happy battery: get in the habit of periodically checking and cleaning your battery. It’s a simple process of removing the clamps and wiping away the grease, dirt, and oxidation that collects beneath them. Bear in mind that a dirty battery results in a weaker charge.

Tip 2 – stabilize your battery: our used cars and used trucks near Visalia, CA, are some of the highest-quality pre-owned vehicles you’ll find in central California. Of course, keeping your vehicle performing at a consistently high level has much to do with having not just a healthy battery, but one that’s secure. To this end, make sure your battery always sits correctly, and that the battery tray is clean. If there’s any looseness, reposition the battery and secure it. This helps prevent problems such as battery acid spilling and damaging your motor.

Tip 3 – go solar: want to be eco-friendly? Buy a solar charger for your car battery. These chargers are inexpensive and easy to use, and they recharge your battery with eco-friendly solar energy. To avoid overcharging the battery, we recommend pairing the charger with a monitor.

For sound automotive advice and an excellent selection of pre-owned vehicles, set your navigation for “used car dealer near me” and visit Dann’s today.