If you’re on the fence regarding new or used cars near Visalia, CA, the team at Dann’s Discount Auto Sales is here to nudge you in the right direction – which from our perspective, is the pre-owned path, of course.

So why buy pre-owned? We can think of a few good reasons:

Great opportunity to find your dream car

This is probably the biggest reason why people visit our local used car dealership: we have a varied selection of top-quality pre-owned Chrysler cars, Hyundai SUVs, and Ford trucks. Given that pre-owned vehicle quality and warranty support has never been better, more and more car shoppers are opting for pre-owned instead of new. The fiscal difference is obvious: new cars cost more than pre-owned vehicles.

But what isn’t so obvious is that shopping pre-owned equates to a higher likelihood of finding an automobile that already has everything you want–the perfect color, wheels, trim, options, and engine–without having to spend thousands of dollars more to customize an already-expensive new car.

Lower “fear factor”

Driving a pre-owned vehicle may very well lower your “fear factor” – that is, your fear of the dings, dents, and chips that inevitably crop up over the course of ownership. Knowing you paid less money for your car and are paying a lower insurance rate than if you’d purchased a new car, you’re more likely to shrug off these minor inconveniences and avoid spending hundreds of dollars on overpriced “knee-jerk” remedies.

Avoid instant depreciation

Most new cars lose 11 percent of their value the moment they leave the lot. Some vehicles can depreciate up to 40 percent in the first year of ownership. Thankfully, none of this matters when you buy pre-owned.

Browse our extensive pre-owned inventory, use our online car payment calculator near Hanford, CA, and decide which of our vehicles suits you best!